Qantas Airlines to Take Scenic Flight on May 26: Fly to Supermoon


Qantas Airlines will take a limited number of passengers on a flight that will offer the best view of this month’s rare super moon as well as a total lunar eclipse on May 26. For A$1,499 (S$1,559) for business class, passengers will gather in the Qantas lounge in Sydney for drinks, canapes and entertainment before ascending well into the atmosphere to view the moon.

The night flight will climb above any cloud cover and should touch 43,000 feet, or 13,106m, the maximum cruising altitude of a 787. Most passenger flights cruise at around 35,000 feet, or 10,668m. An astronomer will be on board for commentary and insights. This one-off supermoon scenic flight will take off from Sydney, Australia, for a two-and-a-half-hour sojourn by way of the southern sky. Those onboard the B787 Dreamliner shall be served “cosmic cocktails” and “supermoon cakes.” This would be the second and closing supermoon of 2021.

Tickets for the supermoon flight began at AUD 499 (roughly Rs. 28,300) for an economic system seat, whereas the enterprise class was on sale for AUD 1,499 (roughly Rs. 85,000). For the premium economic system class, the ticket value was AUD 899 (roughly Rs. 51,000) every.

NASA states that on May 26, over several hours, “the Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, causing it to darken and usually become reddish in colour.” The space agency adds that the red colour is a result of the sunlight filtering through Earth’s atmosphere — “a ring of light created by all the sunrises and sunsets happening around our planet at that time.”