Project Cambria is Meta’s next major VR headset release, but what exactly is it?


Announced back at Connect 2021, Cambria is a different kind of headset for Meta. It’s not focused on massively expanding the VR userbase as seen with the $299 Meta Quest 2, but instead much more focused on providing high-end features to prove out the future of VR in various ways. To that end, we’re expecting a much more expensive device than Quest 2 with some huge new capabilities, due out sometime in 2022.
The company has been all-in on the all-in-one category since it ended the Oculus Rift line in 2022 and stated it will no longer make PC VR-exclusive headsets. Instead, everything you’ll need to run VR experiences inside Cambria will already be on-board, just like with Quest. We do expect it to have the same PC VR Link features as Quest, but those are entirely optional.

Project Cambria will be a more advanced

Cambria is going to be a lot more sophisticated than the existing headsets from Meta. It will include a high-resolution colour passthrough, eye tracking as well as Face tracking. The headset will have sensors that will capture facial expressions in real-time. Unlike previous Oculus headsets, Project Cambria introduces pancake lenses which will likely improve the design of the headset. The HTC Vive Flow also includes pancake lenses. On Cambria, these pancake lenses are stacked on top of each other behind the screen in order to make the next headset more compact than previous models. Another big focus of the headset will be mixed-reality experiences. The headset will capture high-resolution full-colour video for users, opening the potential for augmented reality experiences. Apple is reportedly working on a mixed reality headsets that will give users the best of both AR and VR worlds.