Partial Lunar eclipse 2021: Time, date and how to watch it online


Kartik Purnima is slated to occur on November 19 this year.  As the Moon glides past Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter, which are visible after sunset, November comes loaded with celestial events. With the three planets gliding past our views, the moon will enter into a partial lunar eclipse overnight on November 18 and 19.
According to US space agency NASA, the partial lunar eclipse will last for 3 hours and 28 minutes. During this time, 97% of the Moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow.

When And How To See

  • Since the eclipse is the longest lunar eclipse in the century, most of the world would be able to watch the eclipse.
  • India will catch that eclipse at the very tail end of the eclipse. The penumbral lunar eclipse, during which the Earth’s umbra covers the Moon, will begin at 11:32 am India time, and the partial lunar eclipse will begin at 12:48 pm.
  • The eclipse will be at its peak at 2:32 pm, and the partial eclipse will end at 4:17 pm. The eclipse will not be visible in India during any of these times due to it being under the horizon.
  • But, the penumbral eclipse is expected to end at 5:33 pm, and by this time, the moonrise would have happened, which means that people in parts of north India and most of east.
  • India would only be able to see a small portion of the penumbral part of the lunar eclipse. Entire west and south India will not be able to catch any aspect of the eclipse.




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