New WhatsApp feature will completely change your group chat experience



In early January, WhatsApp released a useful feature letting users respond privately in a group chat.

This means that users could share information with just one recipient without letting everyone else know. Reports emerged in January that WhatsApp was planning the rollout of this feature. Now, it is available regardless of whether it is an Android device or an iPhone.

Users will have to hold press on the message that they want to reply for a short duration and then a ‘reply privately’ option will then appear.

This way, users can write a reply for one person only. Please note that it will also quote that original message so they may know what you were responding to in the first place.

This latest feature by WhatsApp saves users the bother to shut down the group chat and then find that individual contact to type a reply to them privately.

Instant messaging giant WhatsApp has just recently made new changes to the group chatting for the user’s convenience.

One can make a call to more than one person, though it is still a bit complicated as one needs to dial the first contact and then add people later on. Now, it allows users to just hit the ‘New Group’ button and choose the people they want to add directly from their contact list.

Earlier, the Instant messaging giant had also rolled out a new WhatsApp feature that allowed anyone to invite people by sharing the group invite link. However , the group admin had the power to revoke the link, making the previous group link invite invalid.

This feature ensures that users send this link to trusted persons. Please note that it is also possible for anyone to forward the said link to other people as well, enabling them to also join the group. However, the group admin will not be prompted to approve those people prior to their joining.