Netlicks? Take a look at this delicious lickable screen to see the future.


A professor has created a device he calls “Taste the TV,” and it does exactly what the name implies. Homei Miyashita says he hopes his “TTTV” will let people experience things like far-away world-class restaurants without leaving their own home, which has become an increasingly understandable desire in the past two years of the pandemic.
He is reportedly in talks with manufacturers about other possible applications of the flavour-spraying technology, such as adding flavours to toast.
According to a demonstration video, which you can see below, researchers blended up various foods and used sensors to “taste” them. Then, chemicals are sprayed onto a rolling plastic sheet (or a disposable tray for those who don’t feel comfortable licking a plastic-covered screen) in combinations that recreate the flavor. The sheet is then rolled out over the display so you can lick those sweet chemicals and rolled away once you’re done for easy disposal.


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