Netflix pauses future projects in Russia


Netflix has announced it has paused all future projects and acquisitions from Russia. The streaming giant had four Russian-language series in production and post-production, including “Zato”, a detective drama.

Russia has been facing boycott in the film and TV industry. The Cannes film festival issued a statement on Tuesday saying it would ban official Russian delegations from its 2022 festival unless the Ukraine conflict ends. Earlier this week, Netflix said that in the current circumstances it has no plans to add state-run channels to its Russian service, despite a regulation that would require it to distribute state-backed channels. Russia is one of the 190 countries where Netflix is available.

In recent days, global brands including Shell, Nike, H&M and Boeing have cut ties or temporarily suspended sales in Russia.

“Given the current situation, we have no plans to add these channels to our service,” a Netflix spokesperson told the magazine in a statement.

Under a law that only came into effect on 1 March, “audiovisual services” in the country with more than 100,000 users will be required to carry 20 major state television channels.