Netflix brings “Play Something”, “Fast Laughs” to Android devices


Netflix is adding new features for its Android users. The “Play Something” feature that launched for TVs earlier this year is now rolling out to Android smartphones. Selected countries will also be getting the “Fast Laughs” feature which comedy lovers will most likely appreciate. Both these features can help you make decisions about what to watch next on the streaming platform with its huge library of shows and movies.

‘Play Something’ and ‘Fast Laughs’ features

Play Something has started rolling out for Android devices globally. Meanwhile, Fast Laughs will be available on Android as well but only for users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other select markets.
The Fast Laughs was launched on October 4, 2021, and will showcase funny clips from popular Netflix series and movies. It is very similar to Instagram reels and TikTok’s short video format content. The Play Something button hovers over the content of the home screen. It is basically a shuffle play option that plays a movie or TV show that Netflix thinks a user may want to watch.
Currently, Netflix runs on a subscription-based model wherein users are charged for streaming content across multiple devices. The report also adds that Netflix might launch the gaming services as a separate programming genre and initially keep it charge-free.


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