Netflix adds partial downloading on Android


Netflix will make partial downloading available on Android phones and tablets. Until now, Netflix users would not be able to access content that was marked for download until it was completely available offline. This means that if a movie you started downloading 10 minutes ago was 60 percent downloaded, you would have to wait until the download was complete before you could start streaming the movie.

Now for Netflix users, this means that they will be able to watch a series or film, even if it has not finished downloading fully. The feature could also come in handy if you only managed to download part of a movie before leaving home, but want to watch some of it anyway, while you’re on the go.

“We understand more and more the needs of our members and the types of members that we have not registered, the needs of consumers in general, in more and more countries. And they all have unique constraints that they are working on. They have unique expectations of service. And our job is to find out more and more about what it is and to make sure that we are able to deliver the service in a way that they feel is natural and enjoyable, ”said Greg Peters, Head of produced at Netflix.

Earlier this year, Netflix launched ‘Downloads for You’ on Android, which automatically downloads recommended shows and movies onto a member’s mobile device. The feature is still being tested on iOS and will be coming soon.