Need For Speed 2022 Official Reveal Date Announced


The popular racing franchise has finally teased a new title also confirming the release date. As per information provided on the official website of NFS, there will be a countdown for the anticipated reveal set to happen on October 6, Thursday.

It should be noted that while NFS is among the most famous games, its latest release came only in 2019 when they came up with Heat. Before that, as many as 23 other NFS mainline titles came excluding remakes or spin-offs. There was even a film adaptation in 2014. With a lot of eyeballs set to be on the game reveal, there are also all sorts of speculation regarding what could be the name of this game. Twitter user Wario64 has suggested that the name of the NFS latest release could be NFS Unbound. The user even shared an image and suggested that it leaked from EA’s website.

Since that tweet, we have not only received official confirmation about the reveal, but also the Need for Speed Twitter account has now been decorated with new artwork, which we can only assume comes from the upcoming title. About the earlier leaks, with the car crash cartoonish effects, we do not know if they will be used in this title, players will know for sure when the reveal arrives, till then they should sit tight.


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