Need A Job????? Apply On Tik Tok.


Job seekers can now use TikTok to apply for a new career. TikTok is testing a way for its users to directly apply to jobs at companies like Target and Chipotle using video resumes. The short-term pilot program, called TikTok Resumes. TikTok said more than 30 companies are accepting video resumes through the pilot, which will run until 31 July 2021.

The user can create a short TikTok video explaining their credentials, which can then be linked to a job application on the TikTok CV portal. Each job posting will also ask for the candidate’s name, email address, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. The jobs offered on TikTok Resumes span both entry-level and more experienced positions from companies including Chipotle, Great Clips, Nascar, Target, and TikTok itself.

If you are extremely strong, you can also apply to become a WWE Superstar. Although the pilot is temporary, it shows how TikTok plans to train and install an ecosystem of professional content creators to strengthen its influence. It’s an easy way to match companies looking to cash in on Gen Z with knowledgeable and influential creators looking for a full-time role.