NASA releases fresh audio from outer space


NASA released an audio clip of the sound waves of a black hole. According to reports, the black hole from where the sound waves have been recorded sits 200 light-years away in the Perseus galaxy cluster. For the unversed, black holes are extraordinarily dense objects with excessive gravity that doesn’t even leave a vacuum for light to pass through. In the post that carried the sound clip, NASA also explained how sound travel in a vacuum in the absence of any surface.

“The misconception that there is no sound in space originates because most space is a vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we’ve picked up actual sound. Here it’s amplified, and mixed with other data, to hear a black hole,” NASA said on its Twitter account dedicated to exoplanets.

The sound resembles to rumbling and groaning but it’s actually pressure waves rippling through the hot gas. The eerie, scary and mysterious sound is often heard in sci-fi movies during space travels. The audio stems from the data captured by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the recording was originally released back in May this year.


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