MiTV Webcam review


MiTV Webcam can be plugged into your Android TV or streaming box, your regular laptop and even desktop to improve your overall video calling experience.


  • The MiTV Webcam comes with support for 1080p or full HD resolution at 25 frames per second (fps) and has a 2MP camera.
  • It also comes with a movable shutter, which can be used to hide the camera when not in use to ensure total privacy for the users.
  • It has 3D Image Noise reduction to ensure that the picture quality remains good during a video call, and comes with stereo dual mic as well.
  • The base of the camera has a magnetic adjustable bracket and it relies on a Type-C USB port to connect, though the other end of the in-box cable has a regular USB port, which means it should fit on most laptops, and TVs as well.
  • On TVs, the MiTV Webcam works with Google Duo for which any regular Android TV should do.
  • This is still a 2MP camera, though it has 1080p support, and while the overall image is definitely clearer compared to what standard laptop cameras might offer, it is far from perfect.

No software, no learning curve required. Frankly, if you are looking to boost the video quality on your daily calls, this is a good affordable option at Rs 1,999.


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