Mistakes you should stop making to click good photos on your smartphone


Smartphone photography can become increasingly overwhelming for beginners to produce stunning looking images. So, to help you avoid rudimentary mistakes, here are some tips that will help you get the results you want from your new smartphone:

  • If you’re just going out to point and shoot, the AI ​​in your smartphone does all the hard work, and it’s expected to mess up your shot too. Adjust the exposure slider until you get the highlights and shadows you want, tap to focus on the part you want to light up, and avoid backlighting your subject if the light is too harsh.
  • Ultra-wide lenses can be a lot of fun to shoot with. The dramatic focal length makes things look larger than life, but it’s clear OEMs aren’t giving these lenses the attention they deserve. The moment you go ultra-wide, the image quality degrades significantly. Images tend to look softer, have more noise, and more importantly suffer from image distortion, so don’t use ultra-wide unless the situation really calls for it. Instead, just move away from the object and click.
  • Depending on your image, there will be some elements that you can improve. It could be the color of someone’s eyes in a portrait or the color of the sky during golden hour. HSL is also a great feature to use to highlight a specific color. However, the sliders in your editing program are quite powerful and should be used wisely. So don’t just edit for the sake of it, but consider thinking before you start clicking sliders.


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