Microsoft planning to launch Xbox TV streaming device in the next year


Microsoft may launch an Xbox streaming device in the next 12 months. The streaming device is said to enable users to access movies, TV services along with a library of games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It’s also reported that Microsoft and Samsung are working closely to develop this streaming app so that Samsung Smart TV owners don’t even need to purchase a dedicated device for this purpose. This would also launch within the next 12 months.

The move is seen as a way to bring more users into the Xbox ecosystem. It is to be noted that Xbox consoles also allow users to download apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime among others and allow streaming. Microsoft is working hard to attract more casual gamers.

Recently, the company, along with Epic Games, announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming users will now be able to play fortnite for free on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The move will also allow users, including PC gamers, to stream Fortnite on internet browsers on their devices just like Netflix, irrespective of the hardware specifications.


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