Microsoft entered the Most Elite of Clubs: $2 Trillion Market Cap


Microsoft’s value has doubled in two years’ time, bolstered by demand for products such as the Teams chat app that kept organizations functioning during the coronavirus pandemic. The appreciation of the company’s stock price reflects a rejuvenated company, one that has looked beyond its dominant Windows operating system and found growth in cloud computing and acquisitions.

Microsoft has officially entered the most elite of clubs: corporations with a market value exceeding $2 trillion.

Microsoft’s stock has gained 64% since March 2020, when pandemic lockdowns began going into effect in the United States. Amazon’s market cap hit $1.77 trillion, and Google parent Alphabet’s reached $1.67 trillion.

Microsoft was one of the first companies to surpass a $ 1 trillion valuation when it reached that milestone in April 2019. Shortly before that, Microsoft had reclaimed the title of Most Valuable Public Company, albeit ‘it is now owned by Apple.