Meta to start testing money-making tools for its metaverse


Meta Platforms is beginning to test commerce tools for selling digital assets within its virtual reality social platform Horizon Worlds, a key piece of its plan to build out the metaverse.


  • The tools will be available initially to a handpicked set of users who are creating virtual classes, games and fashion accessories within the company’s immersive platform, which is accessible via VR headsets, Meta said in a statement.
  • Using one tool, those select users will be able to sell their accessories or offer paid access to specialised digital spaces they have built, the company said.T
  • The social media giant is also testing out a “creator bonus” program for a small set of Horizon Worlds users in the United States, through which it will pay participants each month for using new features the company launches.
  • The Facebook parent company, which changed its name to Meta last year, has invested heavily in virtual and augmented reality to reflect its new bet on the metaverse, a futuristic idea of a network of virtual environments accessed via different devices where users can work, socialize and play.


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