Meta Launches Instagram Reels APIs Beginning Today


Brands will soon have more options for posting Instagram Reels to their accounts, and managing related activity, with Meta announcing that it’s launching its Reels API for external use. They will expand the scope of support of reels to:

  • Content Publishing
  • Insight
  • Comment Moderatin
  • Hashtag Search
  • Business Discovery
  • Mentions
  • Promote API

The APIs will allow developers to schedule Reels and obtain Reels’ social engagement stats. Using the new APIs, developers can publish Reels on Instagram Business accounts. Developers will also be able to respond to comments, delete them, hide or reveal them, and allow or deactivate comments on Reels using the APIs. Developers will also be able to locate publicly accessible Reels that have been marked with specific hashtags. Reels will reportedly become automatically accessible for developers who already have access to the relevant APIs, according to Meta. If an app’s permission access levels have already been authorised, developers won’t need to submit it for another round of App Review.


  • June 28: We will begin rolling out to <25% of Instagram user accounts*
  • July 6: We expect to complete rollout to 100% of users

The Reels APIs have just been released, and Meta has been placing significant bets on the short-form video functionality. The firm disclosed that Reels now accounts for more than 20 percent of the time that consumers spend on Instagram as part of its Q1 2022 earnings.


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