Meta Has A New AI Chatbot On The Web That People Can Talk To


Meta has created an AI chatbot and made it available to the public on the internet. Meta’s AI research labs have developed this conversational bot and want the public to interact with it for feedback about the chatbot. This chatbot from Meta is called BlenderBot 3, which is hard to be confused with anything but a chatbot. And Meta has made this chatbot available only to the people residing in the US for now.

BlenderBot 3 is able to engage in general chitchat, said Meta, but also answer the sort of queries you might ask a digital assistant, “from talking about healthy food recipes to finding child-friendly amenities in the city”, the report said. The technology giant claims that it wants to iron out the issues of the LLMS by making the AI chatbot talk to the general public in order to reduce the chances of BlenderBot 3 using unparliamentary language, slurs or making any insensitive comments.

People interested in trying Meta’s AI-based chatbox would have to give their consent for their data to be collected, according to Meta. The technology giant says that it will store this data and later publish it to the general AI research community.



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