Mark Zuckerberg confirms NFTs are coming to Instagram


According to a report first released by Engadget, Zuckerberg’s said the following about upcoming support of NFTs on Instagram:

“We’re working on bringing NFTs to Instagram in the near term… I’m not ready to kind of announce exactly what that’s going to be today. But over the next several months, the ability to bring some of your NFTs in, hopefully over time be able to mint things within that environment.”

This could likely add the ability to show off existing NFTs in one’s collection through some new mechanism on IG, as well as support around minting as well – but what that looks like and the full load of capacity of NFT support is still quite unclear. We would certainly expect adoption on the platform to include some sort of wallet support integration that to date, hasn’t been even teased or alluded to on Instagram. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting development for Meta at large – who has thus far struggled to find success in the crypto space.

Zuckerberg also said that NFTs could one day play a role in the company’s eventual metaverse. “I would hope that you know, the clothing that your avatar is wearing in the metaverse, you know, can be basically minted as an NFT and you can take it between your different places,” he said, “There’s like a bunch of technical things that need to get worked out before that’ll really be seamless to happen.”