Lost your Android phone? How to block your Google Pay, Paytm account


There are times when you have lost your phone and fear that someone may use your data. While you may be using a passcode or screen lock to lock your Google Pay or Paytm account, you should still take the necessary steps to prevent anyone from unlocking them.
How to block your Google Pay, Paytm account

  • #Install the Paytm app first on any secondary device and then log in.
  • #Now, tap on the hamburger menu, which is present at the top left of the screen. There you need to click on the “Profile Settings” tab.
  • #In this section you will find many options. Users just need to click on “Security & Privacy” and then tap on the “Manage Accounts on All Devices” option.
  • #Once tapped, the app will display a message asking if you are sure to sign out of all devices. You can then press “Yes” or “No” accordingly.
    Alternatively, you can simply dial “01204456456” which is Paytm’s support number. After making a call, you will be given several options on your query and you just need to select the option for “lost phone”.

Paytm: how to temporarily suspend the account?

  • #After logging out of all devices, users can visit the Paytm website and choose “24 × 7 Help”.
  • Next, you need to select “Report Fraud” and click on the desired category. Now, click on the Send us a message button and send a proof of account ownership, after which Paytm will double check and then block your account.
  • In case you were wondering, you can share an email or SMS of any Paytm transaction, proof of ownership of the phone number and more.

The best and easiest way to do this is to wipe all your data remotely from your Android smartphone. Yes, you read that right. Google offers you the option to delete all your data from another device.
Alternatively, you can also avail of customer support. Google Pay users can dial 18004190157 and then select the “other issues” option.


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