LG StanbyME, a 27-inch TV that can operate wirelessly on battery power


LG StanbyME, a 27-inch TV that can run wirelessly on battery power and be moved around on its height-adjustable stand. When attached to the mount, the screen can swivel, tilt, or swivel in portrait orientation.

New Updates

  • LG says the StanbyME can last up to three hours on a charge, so while it can handle a movie or two with no problem, you’ll have to pay attention to run times and keep it plugged in for a while.
  • LG doesn’t make 27-inch OLED panels, so here we’re looking at an LCD screen. The company is not yet sharing details of its resolution or other features like HDR.
  • The StanbyME has a touchscreen interface and will offer streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.
  • It will also support NFC for mirroring smartphones. Connection side, there is a USB port and at least one HDMI input. And the back of the set has a fabric finish.
  • LG is also announcing the Object tonight, a high-design OLED TV that’s meant to lean against a wall instead of being mounted or placed on a traditional stand.
  • The fabric cover under the 65 inch screen can be raised or lowered with the remote control.
  • Similar to the ultra-luxurious roll-up OLED, this gives the TV different modes, including Full View, which is self-explanatory, and Line View, which displays widgets like weather and music when part of the TV. the screen is covered by the elegant fabric.
  • The Object uses an Evo OLED panel, which debuted in the 2021 G1 series and offers higher peak brightness than LG’s older OLEDs. As for audio, an 80-watt, 4.2-channel audio system is built into the device.


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