Job scam on WhatsApp: You have cleared the job interview but…


India’s young population in search of career growth and job prospects is vulnerable to fraud through fake job offers and SMS and WhatsApp messages. According to a recent report, a chat-based direct hiring platform, around 56% of job seekers in India are impacted by job scams during their job hunt.

Of late, there’s an increased trend of luring people by sending targeted text messages on WhatsApp or even through SMS. For example, you may get messages like: “Dear you have passed our interview, wage is 8000 Rs/Day. Please contact to discuss detail: SSBO.” Any link starting with “” is basically the URL of someone’s WhatsApp number and you can chat with that person on WhatsApp without adding the number. Sometimes, you may be tempted to click on a shortened link that basically redirects to a phishing website with the name of an established organization.

But what happens when you actually approach these people for jobs? 3 possible outcomes.

  • There is no need to pay any money to the HR department of a company to get a real job. But scammers can come up with ‘fees’ like registration fee, agency fee, application fee, training fee, offer letter fee and the list goes on.
  • There are job scams where the candidate is given a fraudulent offer letter from a company and they are asked to start their job. They are given assignments and in the beginning the work seems quite serious. But as soon as the candidate is about to complete the first month, he is asked to pay some money to get the salary of the first month as ‘agency fee’. Alternatively, the candidate is never paid in full and is given 10% of the promised salary to continue working.
  • Sometimes job scams require you to pay a registration fee and then you are promised a certain commission to bring in new candidates. Although descriptions and job profiles may vary, these are mostly classic pyramid marketing schemes that waste time, energy, and of course, money.

Delhi Police has listed down some safety precautions that you must keep in mind while looking for a job:

1. No genuine recruiter will demand huge amount for registration, document verification, interview scheduling etc.

2. Fraudsters impersonate real job consulting firms using identical email accounts, logos, etc. Verify the details of the firm before making any payment for job assistance.

3. Look for complaints and reviews about the said firm on online forums. If a large number of people have shared reviews about their fraudulent activities, they are probably fraudsters.

4. Verify the genuineness of the offer from the above reputed employer whose job has been offered. Use the contact details given on the official website of the company to get clarification. Do not demand clarification from company executives referred by the job advisor. They are probably part of a gang that is trying to deceive you.




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