‘Is Twitter Dying?’: Elon Musk suggests some changes to make it more relevant


In one of his latest tweets, the Tesla CEO asks users if Twitter is “dying”. He feels that because most “top” accounts with maximum followers tweet “rarely and post very little content”. Musk highlighted that Taylor Swift, with 90.3 million followers, hasn’t “posted anything in 3 months”. He also said, Justin Bieber, who has 114.4 million followers, “only posted once this entire year”.

In a late night flurry of tweets on Saturday night, Musk noted that:

  • Twitter’s most popular accounts, based on follower numbers, are not very active, which prompted the question – ‘is Twitter dying?’
  • He thinks that Twitter blue subscribers should get an authentication checkmark, though that should be a different variation to the current blue checkmark for verified users. Musk also says that Blue subscribers should not see ads.
  • He questioned whether Twitter’s flagship San Francisco home base should be converted intoa homeless shelter ‘since no one shows up anyway’
  • He noted that the prevalence of bots, particularly ‘crypto scam accounts’, is skewing Twitter’s active user numbers

The Tesla CEO believes there should be no ads. “And no ads,” Musk said. “The power of corporations to dictate policy is greatly enhanced if Twitter depends on advertising money to survive,” he noted in one of the tweets. The edit button is also coming soon. It was after Musk was on board as one of the board members that Twitter announced the coming of the edit button. It was said that it is Musk behind bringing the much-awaited edit option, which Twitter avoided for a very long time. Twitter will release the edit button first for Blue users, followed by the general users later this year.


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