iRobot Roomba i3+ vacuum robot review


Priced at Rs. 69,900 in India, the iRobot Roomba i3+ comes with the company’s Clean Base charging base station, which doubles up as a dirt collection system for the robot. How does this work, and is the iRobot Roomba i3+ worth the price?


  • The Roomba i3+ is also much smarter and does not waste time cleaning the areas it has been to already. Also, when it sees an obstacle it pauses for a second, almost as if figuring out its next move, and invariably plots a different route.
  • The heavier the robot cleaner as it tries to clean rugs and carpets, the more pressure they can exert downwards allowing for a surer and stable footing allowing the suction that extra help to pick up the more difficult to dislodge dust.
  •  The direct detection does a really good job and quite often, the Roomba i3+ robot detected an extra dirty zone on carpets and floors and does multiple rounds of that zone for that extra cleaning.
  • The Roomba i3+ also seems to have much better control over the terrain. For instance, there is a fuzzy carpet at home that the older robot always gets stuck at the edge of. But the i3+ cleans the carpet too and that too without sucking in all the loose threads.
  • The USP of the i3+, however, has to be the trash tower. When the robot is done cleaning it goes back to the charging dock. A moment after it did this for the first time, I was in for a shock. The tower then sucks up all the trash from the robot, and in the process makes everyone aware that something out of the usual is happening.


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