iPhone locked? You can still listen to Microsoft Word documents


Microsoft has reportedly launched a new feature for Office Insiders that will allow iphone users to listen to documents with their screen locked. The feature can be found in the current Microsoft Office Insider for iOS version.


  • Even when the iPhone screen is locked, the version 2.61 upgrade adds the option to continue listening to Word documents.
  • It’s an addition to the existing Read Aloud tool, which can convert text to speech and read an entire Word document aloud to a user in a pre-programmed voice.
  • “Using this functionality on your iOS device is a terrific way to take a break from the screen and give your eyes a rest while listening to documents,” Microsoft says in its announcement. It even explains how to turn on the feature and listen to your word documents as an audio file.
  • Users will reportedly not need to modify any settings for this, since Read Aloud will now be enabled by default even for the lock screen.
  • This means Office Insiders on iPhones may simply select Read Aloud from the Review menu of a Word document. The Read Aloud icon in Word for iPad, which is located in the overflow menu, will provide the same functionality.
  • The programme will then continue reading the text from the cursor’s current location, continuing the narration even after the lock screen appears.


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