Instagram working on ‘Exclusive Stories’ for Paid subscribers


Instagram is reportedly working on the ability to allow creators to monetise their Instagram stories with ‘exclusive’ content. Exclusive Stories will be seen differently in your feed with a purple tag, just like we see Close Friends posts with a green tag. This content will be seen only by the fans; if you try to watch the story without being a fan, you will see a pop-up saying only fans can watch.

The first hint that the image and video sharing platform was working on such a feature was first shared recently by Twitter user Paluzzi who is known for revealing features on popular apps by reverse-engineering them. Paluzzi had shared a screenshot of a dialog on the Instagram app that showed signs of a new feature called ‘Exclusive Story’.

Instagram has confirmed that the feature is still under development and is not tested publicly. The Exclusive Story feature by Instagram is similar to Twitter’s Super Follow, which was recently introduced. This feature on Twitter lets the influencers sell content to the paid subscribers.

Apart from this, Instagram is also working on another feature of sharing links on stories. This new option will allow everyone to share links on their Instagram stories.