Instagram Will Soon Test Tall Photos for Compatibility With Fullscreen Reels


Currently, Instagram tops out round 4:5 when displaying vertical photos which were cropped accordingly. But introducing assist for slimmer, taller 9:16 images will assist them fill the complete display as you scroll by the app’s feed. CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Instagram will likely be testing this function throughout the weekly Ask Me Anything.

Recently, Instagram pulled its TikTok-like redesign. Several photographers criticised Instagram’s TikTok-like redesign for the way it forces all photos to awkwardly display in a 9:16 frame. The new feed also added overlay gradients to the bottom of posts so that text would be easier to read. But that clashed with the original appearance of photographers’ work.

During the course of Instagram’s shaky redesign test with users, Mosseri admitted more than once that the full-screen experience was less than ideal for photos. Now Instagram very much still intends to showcase that ultra-tall photo experience, but without mandating it across the board.


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