Instagram Video Selfie verification can be fooled by a doll


Instagram recently introduced a new feature to fight fake profiles and bots on the platform – video selfies. This feature allows users to verify their identity by taking a quick selfie video, which is then authenticated by the company’s algorithms to confirm that you are a real person. But it seems like Instagram didn’t spend too much time training its facial recognition algorithm as it can easily be fooled by a Barbie doll.
The verification system doesn’t even take the gender of the user into account while verifying their identity. At the time, Instagram didn’t release any statement but there will be an update incoming. Stay tuned, we’ll update you about it. Alexander Chalkidis shared a video on his YouTube channel where he demonstrates how the security feature can be fooled by a barbie doll.
This probably means Meta is not using their Face Detection Algorithm to identify you as a human. It’s more like a CAPTCHA but a difficult one. Meta recently ended Facial Recognition for Facebook. They didn’t announce anything similar for Instagram. Meta faced criticism for privacy concerns.
At this time, Instagram has not made an official statement on the matter. However, we expect the company to release an update soon.


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