Instagram, TikTok testing paid subscriptions for content creators


Instagram recently announced a paid subscription monetisation feature. Similarly, TikTok is testing paid subscriptions that will let creators put their content behind a paywall for exclusive access.

  • The price for this content can be decided by the creators themselves. There are a total of eight price points they can choose from.
  • These range from $0.99 (about Rs 74) per month to $99.99 (about Rs 7,500) per month. Creators are likely to go on the lower side to attract more followers under the subscription model at first.
  • Users paying to subscribe to the exclusive content will be marked with a special purple-coloured badge on the influencer’s presence.
  • The subscription service is also aimed at initiating deeper-rooted interactions between the influencers and their followers, as only a select group of paying followers will be able to take part in such content.
  • The app also shows the purple badges next to a username, and details of what subscribers are entitled to such as subscribers-only stories, exclusive live videos along with the previously mentioned subscriber badge.
  • Meanwhile, TikTok revealed that the company was working on paid subscriptions, allowing creators on the video-sharing platform to monetise their content. The feature will complement the ability to tip creators on TikTok, while providing them with the ability to earn a steady income.