Instagram rolls out candid stories, add your nominations and notes


Instagram presents numerous new features designed to help users connect with their friends and followers on the photo and video-sharing site Notes, frank stories, group profiles, collaborative collections, and other additional features have been added to the Meta-owned service. Now they are introducing new features that help you share and connect with the people you care about.

New Features

  • The first feature is called notes, and will allow users create a short post of up to 60 characters, with text and emoji. Users can go to the top of their inbox, then select the followers they follow back or others from their existing “Close Friends” list to share notes with. Once done, it will appear at the top of their friends’ inboxes for 24 hours, similar to an Instagram story. Users can check the replies to their notes in in their DMs.
  • Meanwhile, Instagram’s candid stories feature will allow users to click a candid photo from the stories camera and share the real-time activity with their friends and followers. It will only be visible to those who also share their own candid story. Meta is testing a similar feature for Facebook as well, and the feature appears to be inspired by the BeReal application that is growing in popularity globally.
  • The Meta-owned site has also launched a feature called group profiles that lets users to set up and join a profile to exchange content with their friends in a special, shared group. There will be no sharing outside of the group. Additionally, the app is testing a new feature called collaborative collections that allows users to connect with one another through shared interests.
  • Users will have the option of saving posts to a group or private DMs collaborative collection. By saving a post directly from their feed, they will be forced to begin or add to a collaborative collection. According to the business, users can even send a post to a friend via DM and then save it.