Instagram now lets you sort your feed in 3 ways


Instagram now allows users to sort their feed in the photo- and video-sharing application.
Users can choose from three feed options:

  • an algorithmically sorted feed (Home): The ‘Home’ sort is the sort that you have been using until now. It is AI-based and will let the Instagram algorithms decide the order of the posts you see. The default option which is Home will also now show more posts from accounts that you do not follow, as Mosseri mentions in the video.
  • a chronological feed (Following): The ‘Following’ sort will sort posts from all accounts that you follow in chronological order. Unlike the Home sort, the Following sort will only include posts from accounts you follow. No algorithms, no suggestions from accounts you don’t follow.
  • a Favorites feed: The ‘Favourites’ setting will only show posts from the accounts that you have marked favourite (or starred accounts). This will let you easily avoid posts from accounts that you may not really care about.

The Favorites feed allows users to set desired accounts as favorites and only view content posted by those accounts.