Instagram is going to become more video focused over time


Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said “more and more” of the social media platform will become video-focused over time, defending Instagram from widespread complaints about changes that have made it more like competitor TikTok—a move that had angered creators like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, two of the most-followed people on the app.

He said the app is going to continue to support photos, but he believes it will become more video-focused over time since it is what people are liking, sharing and consuming on the platform. Mosseri said that he has also heard a lot of concern about recommendations, which are posts that appear in users’ feeds from accounts that they do not follow. He said recommendations are meant to help users discover new content, and they act as one of the “most effective and important” ways to help creators reach more people. Mosseri said if people are not interested in these posts, they can close them or snooze all recommendations for up to a month.

According to Mosseri, recommendations are one of the most effective and important ways to help creators reach more people, particularly small creators. “The idea is to help you discover new and interesting things on Instagram that you might not know even exist. Now if you’re seeing things in your feed that are recommendations that you’re not interested in. That means that we’re doing a bad job ranking. And we need to improve and you can X out recommendations, you can even snooze all recommendations for up to a month or go to your following feed,” he added.


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