Instagram: How to use enhanced tags in Reels


Instagram announced Enhanced Tags on Reels, which is a way to make it easier for creators to receive credit for their work. The company said that, in March, Enhanced Tags was launched for Feed, but now it is available on Reels as well.

“Enhanced tags allow a creator’s self-designated profile category on their professional accounts to be displayed in their People Tag so that people can share and view a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post. And as Reels also continues to be the largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram, we’re excited to expand enhanced tags to Reels.

How to use enhanced tags on Instagram Reels

  • 1. Open the Instagram app and tap the (+) in the top right corner
  • 2. Create a new Post and tap Next
  • 3. Make any creative edits then tap Next
  • 4. After writing a caption, tap Tag People
  • 5. Select Add Tag and search and select your contributors
  • 6. Tap Show Profile Category to display the creator category
  • 7. Tap Done
  • 8. Once you’ve added any additional tags and details, tap Share


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