Instagram accounts to give users protection from abuse


Instagram is designed to curb hate speech and protect users from abuse on the platform. Called “Limits,” the feature will automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow a user.
Instagram said they’re being introduced to stop waves of abuse from accounts which ‘pile on in the moment’, to give people more control and ensure they feel safe when using the site. Instead of requiring well known users to completely disable all comments and messages, the new tool will let anyone effectively mute those who have not been “long-standing followers”.

Instagram said it had also “expanded” the blocklist of words, hashtags and emojis the system automatically blocked to filter out abusive messages, which individual users can also customise, And it had strengthened the language of pop-ups when users try to post “a potentially offensive comment”, warning their accounts could be deleted for repeat offences. The update comes amid ongoing scrutiny of social media platforms and repeated calls for stronger action on stopping abuse of public figures and everyday users.