India among Top Five countries with cheapest mobile data prices


India has two reasons to smile when it comes to mobile data — not only did the Centre receive record bids of Rs 1.45 lakh crore after four rounds on Day 1 of India’s first-ever 5G spectrum auction, but also ranked fifth cheapest across the world for mobile data.

The list has produced the ranking on the basis of how much  one GB data costs in the target countries.

  • Israel offers the cheapest mobile data with 1GB data being priced at just $0.04, which is roughly around Rs 3.20.
  • Second in the list is Italy which offers one of the cheapest mobile data in the world with 1GB data being priced at just $0.12, roughly comes around Rs 9.59.
  • San Marino takes the third place in the list with the price of 1GB mobile data at $0.14, which translates to around Rs 11.19.
  • Next in the list are Fiji and India, which offer 1GB of mobile data at $0.15 and $0.17 (roughly around Rs 11.99 and Rs 13.59, respectively).

The report also revealed the names of 5 countries that offer the most expensive mobile data in the world. Saint Helena tops the list with a price of 1GB of mobile data at $41.06 (roughly around Rs 3,323.92).

Next in the list are countries like the Falkland Islands, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tokelau and Yemen with the price of 1GB of mobile data around $38.45 (Rs 3,072.11), $29.49 (Rs 2,356.21), $17.88 (Rs 1,428.59), and $16.58 (Rs 1,324.72), respectively.


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