Independence Day Challenge: PUBG Mobile’s special event for India users is now live


PUBG Mobile has introduced an ‘Independence Day Challenge’ exclusive for its Indian community players. Those who participate will stand a chance to win rewards for free in the special event

What is the PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge?

This is just another PUBG Mobile challenge where you are expected to complete certain Independence Day missions to win Freedom Tokens and redeem them for rewards. This challenge lets you claim crate coupons, headgears, gun skins, parachutes and more. You can also buy an exclusive Patriot Pack.

Till when is the PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge on?

The Challenge has begun on 14 August and will go on till 31 August. But the mission completion time will end on 27 August.

How to get Freedom Tokens in PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge?

According to PUBG Mobile there are four ways to go about this:

  • Login Reward: You just have to login and get different rewards such as freedom tokens, headgears, silver fragments, crate coupon scraps and more.
  • Tier Dash: You can reach different tiers and get rewards such as freedom tokens, premium crate scraps and BP.
  • Clan Assembly: On completion of missions with your clan, you can win rewards such as freedom tokens and silver fragments.
  • Firepower: On completing missions with the ‘Weapon of the day’, you get a chance to win gun skin (AKM, Groza, etc) and freedom tokens.

Redeem rewards include:

  • Thunderous armour
  • Skeleton hand executioner suit and parachute + suit
  • Scar L gun skin and much more.

The PUBG Mobile Independence day challenge event will continue till August 31, 2019. The mission completion time is till August 27, 2019. Finally, the  Special Independence Day Patriot Pack with the Climber Set Outfit will be valid for 30 days and will cost for 140 UC in the game. UC is the currency in the game.