IFA 2019: 6 insane innovations from the backrooms in Berlin

6 insane innovations from the backrooms in Berlin

Berlin’s massive tech exhibition IFA was dominated by the big brands’ unveiling of phones and giant TVs, but beyond the headlines are hundreds of eye-catching new ideas.

FoodMarble AIRE Personal Digestive Tracker

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. Yeah, you shouldn’t have eaten that. A pocket-sized breath-tester, FoodMarble AIRE figures out what foods you are unable to digest. The first-ever ‘personal digestive tracker’, AIRE caters for the one-in-eight people that eat food not compatible with their digestive system, something that can cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). “Users log food, sleep, stress, sleep and symptoms in the app and take regular breath tests throughout the day,” says Aonghus Shortt, CEO of FoodMarble. “Each breath test measures the level of fermentation in your gut, which indicates how well a certain food is being digested.

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung has gone a bit mad. Its tortuously long press conference saw the unveiling of the AirDresser, a ‘personal garment solution’ that, er, releases powerful jets of air to de-dust and sanitize clothes. Now that’s solving a problem that no-one thought they had.

For those who need to ‘refresh and revitalise’ their clothes or are sick of spending so much time at the dry cleaners, the wardrobe-shaped AirDresser emits ‘jet steam’ from a vent on the floor to remove bacteria (?) and a heat pump to dry them out and remove smells. Yup. It comes in the ‘Crystal Mirror’ color, which makes it look a bit like a fridge. It’s presumably designed for smoggy cities in Asia because Samsung also talked-up a ‘wind-free’ air purifier. Samsung solving the big problems?

Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3 Underwater Drone

The ocean covers nearly 70% of the Earth, yet 95% of it remains a mystery. So why don’t we discover it… together? Finland-based Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3 Underwater DroneAalto has developed the world’s first underwater expedition platform where anyone can sign-up and enjoy – via a virtual reality headset – live streaming video in real-time from the bottom of the world’s oceans. The vehicle plumbing the depths on various expeditions will be the new Aalto Explorer FIND-X 3, a remote operated vehicle – yup, a drone – fitted with a 360° camera, with a 4G (and, soon, 5G) equipped floating mobile above, tethered via an umbilical cord. The ‘passenger’ sees what FIND-X 3 sees via a web browser or phone. It’s all currently at the prototype stage.

Barisieur Tea and Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Are you old enough to remember the teasmade? The automatic tea-maker-meets-alarm clock, popular in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s, hasn’t been seen for decades, and yet its stylish return at IFA 2019 instantly seems inevitable. The Barisieur is a far higher grade beast than the analog brewers of yesteryear.

Barisieur Tea and Coffee Brewing Alarm ClockIt makes both coffee and loose leaf tea using a stainless steel reusable filter, with water brewing in 3.5 minutes using induction tech, to reach 94°C. It uses infrared to detect if milk is present, and if it is, it cools it to 3-8°C. The Barisieur also includes drawers for coffee, tea, sugar and spoons.

Babeyes Baby’s POV Camera

What does the world – and what do we – look like from a baby’s point of view? It’s something that most of us have never thought of. Or, at least, we’ve never thought we needed to record for posterity. That was until Babeyes came along with the tagline ‘babies’ first memories forever’. Essentially a  first-person camera for babies, a small camera is hidden in a teddy bear-shaped badge that pins to a baby grow. It then records any motion it detects in full HD 1080p quality and once its contents have been transferred to a computer, software looks for faces and shows only those clips. So although it sounds like it’s about the baby, it’s actually about showing the parents footage of themselves. Scary stuff. It costs $139 (about £110 / AU$200).

Capsulier REVO Coffee Packaging Machine

Love good coffee, but hate evil coffee capsules? Hugely convenient and massively wasteful, coffee capsules that go into espresso machines go into landfill. You’re also tied to buying one brand of capsules, often at great expense. So why not just make your own?

Capsulier REVO Coffee Packaging Machine

This capsule packaging gadget makes custom-blend coffee capsules in minutes, pops easily into espresso machines, and creates any kind of blend a coffee-lover can dream of. Capsulier uses stainless steel capsules that can be used ad infinitum. Expect to see a finished version of the REVO in mid-2020.