How to take the Google Security Checkup


Android security is always a hot topic on these here Nets of Inter — and almost always for the wrong reason. Here’s how you can use Security Checkup to make sure you have no security loose ends that could compromise your Google account in the future.

Steps For Google Security Checkup

  • You can find a quick shortcut to this page right below the Google homepage search bar. If you don’t see it, you can always navigate to the same options by clicking on your profile picture on the top-right, choosing ‘Manage your account’ and then navigating to the Security tab. Google will segregate your security checkup page under various sub-sections like ‘Your devices’, ‘Sign-in and recovery’ and ‘Third-party access’. Look for sections that are marked with the yellow alert icon. These are areas where Google suggests you take some security measures.
  • Remove access of your Google account from older devices that are no longer in use. These may be older smartphones and tablets.
  • Google allows you to add alternate ways of signing in and recovering your Google account. This is important as adding an alternative email address (which doesn’t have to be a Gmail one) can help you recover your Google account if you ever forget your password.
  • If any settings with your Google account have been changed, update or if the account has been added to a new device recently, you will see it here. If you see any unfamiliar activity, Google will let you quickly take action like signing out from an unidentified device and/or changing your password.
  • If you have used your Google account to log in into games and services, this section is where you will find a log of all such data. Look for services you don’t use or games you don’t play anymore and sign out of them.
  • Check out the saved passwords to various websites if you have any. You may want to update or delete some of these listings if you don’t use them anymore.