How To Read, Send And Search For Emails Without Internet?


Internet has become a vital necessity for accessing everything that is online right from ordering foods, clothes, appliances, etc. to managing your finances digitally, working, or even messaging on social media platforms. But that will not be the case for Gmail messages. Gmail has come up with a feature that eliminates the requirement of internet to access messages. Simply put, you can read, respond and search your Gmail messages even without the internet.

To turn on Gmail offline is also easy, and users can do so in a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Go to Google says that Gmail offline will only work on Google Chrome, and will only work if you are browsing in normal mode, not Incognito.
  • Once you are in your inbox, click the Settings or the Cogwheel button.
  • Click “See All Settings.”
  • Once you are on the page, click the “Offline” tab.
  • Click the “Enable offline mail” checkbox. The moment you click the checkbox, Gmail will show new settings.
  • You can select how many days of emails you want to sync with your Gmail.
  • Google shows the amount of space left in your computer, and also gives you the option of keeping offline data on the computer, or remove all offline data from your computer.
  • Once you choose to keep or remove offline data, you can click “Save Changes” and offline Gmail will be activated on your computer.


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