How to keep your Gmail inbox in check by using filters?


Filters are also useful to move everything from, say, your aunt who never stops sending articles to one specific spot. Or filter messages from your homeowner’s association to easily find what you need.

How to create a Gmail filter

There are different ways of creating an email filter in Gmail. But the simplest and easiest one is: creating an email filter using the search box.

  • Log in to your email account.
  • Click on the ‘Show Search Options’ button in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Type in a word or phrase that you want to search for.
  • Select the actions you want the filter to use.
  • Click Create filter. You can now choose what you want the filter to do. Finally, again click on ‘Create Filter.’

The other way is to create a new filter in Gmail:

  • Going to the settings menu.
  • Click the gear icon on the top-right of your window, then choose “Settings”.
  • Select the tab “Filters and Blocked Addresses”, and click the “Create a new filter” link.

Filter Criteria

From: Filter all the emails sent from a specific email address.
To: Filter the emails sent to a particular email address.
Subject: Filter emails that have a specific subject line.
Has the words: Filter emails with contain specified keywords.
Doesn’t have: Filter emails that don’t contain specified keywords.
Size: Filter emails larger or smaller than a specific size.
Date within: Filter emails that fall between a specified time range or period.
Search: Search emails in specific folders.
Has attachment: Filter only emails that include an attachment.
Don’t include chats: Ignore messages from Google Chat when this filter is on.


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