How to create a custom photo placeholder in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you don’t need the equal square snap shots to your Microsoft PowerPoint slide display, create a custom-formed photo placeholder and make it to be had to the presentation through a format slide.


Microsoft PowerPoint is all approximately consistency — from one slide to the following you need matters to appear like they belong together. That’s wherein the slide grasp function comes in. You can layout format slides so formatting is the equal for every slide. You also can create a format slide with photo placeholders. By default, photo placeholders are square, however you could use maximum any form you need.

In this article, I’ll display you a way to create a custom photo placeholder and upload it to a format slide so you can use it again and again on your presentation.

I’m the usage of Microsoft 365 computing device on a Windows 10 64-bit system, however you could use in advance versions. You can down load the demonstration .pptx and .ppt files. PowerPoint for the internet won’t permit you to create a format slide, however it’ll aid an present one.

How to feature a format slide in PowerPoint

When you open a brand new PowerPoint presentation file, you begin with a hard and fast of default format slides. You can extrade that set through deciding on a integrated layout or through designing your personal. That’s how you’ll upload a custom photo placeholder: Add a brand new format slide withinside the Slide Master segment. That way, the format slide with the custom photo placeholder can be to be had at any time.

You can paintings with a brand new PowerPoint presentation, or you could adjust an present one, however I’ll be running with a brand new clean presentation.

The first step is to open PowerPoint’s Slide Master segment through clicking the View tab after which clicking Slide Master withinside the Master Views group. The default presentation’s format slides are withinside the left pane. The decided on slide is withinside the center of the screen — this have to already be acquainted to you due to the fact Normal View makes use of the equal configuration.

Click Insert Layout withinside the Edit Master group. PowerPoint will insert a format slide to the lowest of the list.

Delete the identify textual content box. You’ll additionally see footer factors at the lowest which are pre-described for the default format. Don’t hassle with them for now, however you may need to while making use of this approach in your personal paintings.

At this point, you’ve got got a clean format slide, as proven in Figure A. Now it’s time to feature the photo placeholder.

How to feature a photo placeholder in PowerPoint

PowerPoint gives numerous placeholders, however we’ll paintings with the photo placeholder.

With the brand new clean format slide selected, click on Insert Placeholder withinside the Master Layout group. Choose Picture from the dropdown proven in Figure B.

Then, drag to size. As you could see in Figure C, the default photo placeholder is a square form.

Figure C
You could make the Microsoft placeholder massive or small, and you could upload multiple to the equal format slide — it’s all as much as you. We’ll hold matters easy with the aid of using operating with one massive photo placeholder.

Now it’s time to personalize the photo placeholder.

How to alternate the placeholder’s form in PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s default photo placeholder is a rectangle, however you’re now no longer caught with that. You can alternate the form to maximum any which you like, however you’ll need to be reasonable. With the photo placeholder selected, do the subsequent to alternate its form:

Figure D

Click Edit withinside the Insert Shapes group.
From the dropdown, select Change Shape.
From the shapes gallery, select a form, as proven in Figure D.

If the PowerPoint placeholder doesn’t alternate form, hover over both of the yellow dots (edit points) to peer the brand new form, as proven in Figure E. With the custom image placeholder in a format slide, you’re prepared to apply it. Click Close Slide Master to go back to Normal View or click on Normal from the View menu.

Figure E

How to apply the custom image placeholder in PowerPoint
Once you’ve brought a format slide for the custom image placeholder, you could use it withinside the modern PowerPoint presentation. In Normal View, click on New Slide withinside the Slides group. Thumb right all the way down to the lowest till you discover the brand new image placeholder proven in Figure F, and click on it to insert the brand new format slide proven in Figure G.

Figure F

You’ll insert a image as you usually would:

Select the custom image placeholder.
Click the Insert tab.
In the Images group, click on Picture after which select Stock Images from the dropdown.
Click a image and click on Insert.
Back withinside the slide, run the PowerPoint presentation to peer the custom image placeholder, proven in Figure H. It isn’t the everyday rectangle, however the distinction is subtle. When selecting a form, don’t select some thing outlandish except you’ve got got a motive to do so. It’s k to have a unmarried image with some thing unique, however it isn’t probably that you’ll want to create a format slide for a one-time use.

Figure H

By the use of a custom designed PowerPoint image format slide, your images will all be uniform in form and role on every slide.

Perhaps you’ll make your placeholder smaller and role it off to the side. Maybe you’ll upload or 3 to the slide. It’s as much as you, and you could make a couple of format slide, so don’t be stingy together along with your imagination. But do paintings extra successfully via way of means of growing the format slides first.


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