How secure is your money in a crypto wallet?


Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that does not depend on banks to verify transactions. It is a peer-to-peer system that allows anyone, anywhere, to send and receive payments. Instead of being physical money that is transported and exchanged in the real world, cryptocurrency payments exist only as digital entries in an online database that describe specific transactions. When you transfer cryptocurrency funds, transactions are recorded in a public ledger. You store your cryptocurrency in a digital wallet.

Tips to Invest in Cryptocurrency Safely

  • Before you invest one dollar, learn about cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms provide the means to buy and sell digital currencies, but there are 500 exchanges to choose from. Do your research, read reviews and talk with more experienced investors before moving forward.
  • If you buy cryptocurrency, you have to store it. You can store it on an exchange or in a digital “wallet,”. While there are many different kinds of wallets, each has its own benefits, technical requirements and security. As with exchanges, you should investigate your storage choices before investing.
  • Diversification is a key to any good investment strategy, and it holds true when you’re investing in cryptocurrency too. Don’t put all of your money in Bitcoin, for example, just because that’s the name you know. There are thousands of options, and it’s best to spread your investment around to several currencies.
  • The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one, so be prepared for ups and downs. You’ll see dramatic swings in prices. If your investment portfolio or mental wellbeing can’t handle that, cryptocurrency might not be a wise choice for you.


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