hi-tech headbands that to reduce your stress


As a stressed brain gives off more waves or signals, due to increased electrical activity, the idea is, that, together with meditation, the headbands can help the user train him or herself to be calmer. And then in turn boost their performance.

Max Newlon, president of BrainCo, explains that the headband uses an AI (artificial intelligence) software algorithm to monitor 1,250 “data points” in a person’s brainwave signals. Connected to a mobile phone app, it then scores them on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being calmest.

“It’s a passive measure, there’s nothing going into your brain,” says Mr Newlon, who first started working on the technology in 2015. “We have people doing all different types of experiments, like spending time with their family… to learn about themselves and discover what puts them in that focused and calm state.”

Like physical exercise making the body stronger, Mr Newlon says that people can learn to relax their brain, and that once the skill is acquired, it sticks. In addition to measuring brainwaves it records heart rate, speed of breathing, and a person’s posture. And it comes with an app that plays soothing sounds, such as that of a rainforest.

Mindfulness training and meditation might be one of the areas where I see very little room that AI can improve traditional ways of practising. If you are creating AI to measure how people really feel and if they are really stressed you are kinda missing the point of mindfulness training and meditation. The whole point is not to focus on external factors and not compare yourself to others, and to only listen to yourself.


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