Here’s How To Buy An iPhone 11 For An Effective Price Of Rs 41,900

Here's How To Buy An iPhone 11 For An Effective Price Of Rs 41,900

Sales of the iPhone 11 have resumed massively in recent months. The spike can be attributed to the release of a newer and more expensive iPhone – the iPhone 12 – and a reduction in the price of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 released in 2019 at a premium price of Rs 68,300, is now available on Apple’s official website in India at Rs 54,900 – which is a lot in itself. But, as part of the Holi sales, you can take it home for an effective price of Rs 41,990, which is pretty much a steal for the phone’s power, beauty, and performance.

The iPhone 11 (64GB) is selling on Apple’s official website for Rs 54,900 and no discount is offered by Apple at this time. But, one of Apple’s authorized resellers, Imagine store still has the HDFC Bank refund offer, which is available on both single payment and EMI. As this offer part, you will receive a direct cashback of Rs 5000, which brings the price down to Rs 49,900.

On top of that, an additional reduction of Rs 8,000 is offered in the form of accessories, which is offered to you with the purchase of the iPhone 11. This effectively brings the price down to Rs 41,900, making it the cheapest for iPhone 11, never. In addition, if you want to trade in an old phone, the price goes down to Rs 38,900 again.

iPhone 12 Deals

Similar, but less attractive, deals are also offered on the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12, whose new blue hue is gaining in popularity, is retailed at Apple’s official store for Rs 69,900. When the HDFC cashback offer is applied, the effective price drops to Rs 65,900. Likewise, the iPhone 12 mini can be purchased for an effective price of Rs 48,900.

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