Government Blocks 8 YouTube Channels Using Emergency Powers.


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, using its emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021, has issued orders for blocking of eight YouTube based news channels, one (1) Facebook account, and two Facebook posts.

Details of Social Media Accounts and URLs Blocked

YouTube Channels

Sl. No. YouTube channel Name Media Statistics
Loktantra Tv 23,72,27,331 views

12.90 lakh subscribers

U&V TV 14,40,03,291 views

10.20 lakh subscribers

AM Razvi 1,22,78,194 views

95, 900 subscribers

Gouravshali Pawan Mithilanchal 15,99,32,594 views

7 lakh subscribers

SeeTop5TH 24,83,64,997 views

33.50 lakh subscribers

Sarkari Update 70,41,723 views

80,900 subscribers

Sab Kuch Dekho 32,86,03,227 views

19.40 lakh subscribers

News ki Dunya (Pakistan based) 61,69,439 views

97,000 subscribers

Total Over 114 crore views,

85 lakh 73 thousand subscribers


Facebook Page

Sl. No. Facebook Account No. of Followers
Loktantra Tv 3,62,495 Followers


With this action, since December 2021, the Ministry has issued directions for blocking 102 YouTube based news channels and several other social media accounts.


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