Google’s new Wear OS 3 is here


Google’s latest Wear OS 3 update will be available for compatible smartwatches soon.  Google and Samsung are collaborating for a new Wear OS. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit has enabled it to further improve on the software front.


  • Google has even shared some of the apps and tiles that are going to be available once the new version of the OS rolls out.
  • It includes YouTube Music, Google Maps, and Google Pay for the apps.
  • Beyond the apps, Google is refreshing the looks of many of its most popular Tiles.
  • Like the weather, the alarm clock, the handwashing timer, Google News, and Google Calendar to name a few.
  • There will also be a new task switcher, which will be able to quickly cycle through in-use apps by double-tapping a navigation button on the side of the watch.
  • The home screen will also be able to display icons for apps running in the background.
  • With Fitbit on board, the new Wear OS is going to be even more centered on health and fitness than ever before.
  • The platform will come with a Fitbit app with features like Active Zone Minutes.
  • Wear OS has technically already launched, as it’s available on the Galaxy Watch 4.