Google will provide 10,000 “high-risk” users with free hardware security keys, after the tech giant warned more than 14,000 Gmail sers that they may have been targeted in a state-sponsored phishing campaign. At Google, we have an entire team dedicated to detecting and stopping the world’s most sophisticated cyber criminals, and we have spent years working on advanced security solutions, like our Advanced Protection Program (APP), that users can turn on to instantly increase their protections from these types of attacks.
“Users who enroll in APP are protected against a wide variety of online threats, including sophisticated phishing attacks (through the use of security keys), malware and other malicious downloads on Chrome and Android, and unauthorised access to their personal account data (such as Gmail, Drive or Photos),” Google added. “If you are an activist/journalist/government official or work in [national security], this warning honestly shouldn’t be a surprise. At some point some [government] backed entity probably will try to send you something,” he tweeted.

How They are Bringing APP to High Risk Users

Cybersecurity is a team sport – it requires more than just one company’s commitment. That’s why we are constantly working to foster relationships with organizations outside of Google that are also committed to educating users and advancing cybersecurity. The more high risk users that we can get into a protected state, the safer we all are. These are a few of the organizations and programs that we are partnering with to enhance security for our most at-risk users:


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