Google wants exemption from Huawei ban


Google apparently has warned the Trump administration that its Huawei ban could endanger US national security.

The search giant’s senior executives are pushing for an exemption from the Huawei blacklisting that basically banned US companies from doing business with the Chinese company. Asking for an exemption from the ban, Google’s recent discussions with the US government argues that Huawei ban is bad for the company’s technology business as well as for the national security. Google also fears that the export ban would create a competitor to the US-made Operating Systems (OS), which would hurt the search engine giant’s Android monopoly.

A mobile device with a Huawei logo is seen in this photo illustration on January 11, 2018. A Chinese employee of Huawei has been arrested in Poland on charges of espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The search engine giant says its control over the Android ecosystem means there is still some level of security and updatability going into these devices which would be lost if the trade relations are not mended, the report said.

Earlier in May, after US President Donald Trump banned effectively Huawei with a national security order, Google cut off the tech giant’s Android licence. Several companies including Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel and UK-based chip designer ARM suspended their transactions with the Chinese company. As an outcome of this trade war, Huawei might have a tough time building smartphones or an app ecosystem without the help of US-originated technology, but US hardware and software companies could lose access to the second largest smartphone maker in the world, the report added.