Google to shut down this app on Google Play Store used by millions of people


Google Assistant driving mode is their next evolution of the mobile driving experience. For the people who use Android Auto in supported vehicles, that experience isn’t going away. For those who use the on phone experience (Android Auto mobile app), they will be transitioned to Google Assistant driving mode. Starting with Android 12, Google Assistant driving mode will be the built-in mobile driving experience. We have no further details to share at this time. These users reportedly saw the message in advance and ahead of the eventual shutdown as they were on preview versions of Android 12 via Pixel devices.
The company explained that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app, which has picked up around five million downloads on the Play Store, will be discontinued later this year. Users who have been relying on the Android Auto for Phone Screens app don’t need to be unduly alarmed, though. Google recently added several Android Auto features to its Google Maps app. This means that users can send and check their text messages, make and receive calls, and listen to music, all inside the Google Maps app with the Google Assistant support built-in.
 If you had an Android Auto compatible car, this wasn’t an issue but if you had an older vehicle and wanted a driving friendly UI on your phone then you need another option.


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