Google Search gets slew of new features, more focus on visuals


Google Search is getting a slew of new options, the corporate introduced at its ‘Search On’ occasion, and lots of of these will guarantee richer and more visually targeted outcomes.

New Features

  • Google is expanding the multisearch feature–which it introduced in beta in April this year– to English globally and it will come to 70 more languages over the next few months.
  • The multisearch feature let users search for multiple things at the same time, by combining both images and text. The feature can be used along with Google Lens as well.
  • But by combining Lens with multisearch users will be able to take a picture of an item and then use the phrase ‘near me’ to find it nearby. Google says this “new way of searching will help users find and connect with local businesses.” The “Multisearch near me” will start rolling out in English in the US later this fall.
  • Google is enhancing how translations will present over a picture. According to the corporate, individuals use Google to translate textual content on pictures over 1 billion occasions monthly, throughout more than 100 languages. With the new function, Google will have the ability to “blend text into complex images, so it looks and feels much more natural.” So the translated textual content will look more seamless and a component of the unique picture, as a substitute of the translated textual content standing out.
  • According to Google, it’s utilizing “generative adversarial networks (also known as GAN models), which is what helps power the technology behind Magic Eraser on Pixel,” to make sure this expertise. This function will roll out later this yr.
  • Google Search’s results will also get more visually rich when users are browsing for information about a place or topic. Google says this will ensure a user does not have to open multiple tabs when trying to get more information about a place or a topic.
  • Google will provide ‘keyword or topic options to help” users craft their questions. It will also showcase content from creators on the open web for some of these topics such as cities, etc, along with travel tips etc. The “most relevant content, from a variety of sources, no matter what format the information comes in — whether that’s text, images or video,” will be shown, notes the company’s blog post.
  • When it comes to searching for food– and this could be a particular dish or an item at a restaurant, Google will show visually richer results, including photos of the dish in question. It is also expanding “coverage of digital menus, and making them more visually rich and reliable.”
  • Google Maps is also getting some new features which will more visual information, though most of these will be limited to select cities. For one, users will be able to check the ‘Neighbourhood vibe’ meaning figure out the places to eat, the places to visit, etc, in a particular locality.
  • Users will also be able to see helpful information with the Live View feature. The search with Live View feature helps users find a place around them, say a market or a store while they are walking around. Search with Live View will be made available in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo in the coming months on Android and iOS.



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